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B. Lucy Stevens is an internationally recognized mixed-media artist living in Key West, Florida. Lucy paints intuitively, and her work is vibrant and expressionistic—daily life imagined in a brilliant cacophony of color and pattern. She is inspired by primitive art and her far-flung travels to Indonesia and South America and France, where for a year she lived on a flower farm.

Lucy leads art workshops for children in underserved communities and for adults with developmental disabilities, and she is hugely inspired by their art as well.

Her work has been featured in galleries and shows throughout the U.S. as well as in France and the U.K. She is represented by Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, RI; Gallery Orange, New Orleans, LA; Bennett Galleries, Nashville, KY;Dryden Gallery, Providence, RI, and Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL.

I paint what I see, what I remember, and what I imagine                                                                and it all gets mixed together,
like it is in my mind 

 I crave solitude but fear isolation
There are times I cannot stop painting—
I make a cup of tea and forget to drink it–                    I forget I have to pee                                                                                                                             I go to the supermarket with paint on my face and in my hair

I tell my stories and other people’s
and I am grateful to those who have shared with me bits and pieces of their lives

Everything that is true is beautiful I read this the other day

I’m grateful to all the artists whose work has touched me
and who I have learned from
I am grateful that I have a way to express myself
Also that I’m a painter and not a dancer so I can do this until I’m 100

I’ve lived in the south of France on a flower farm, where there was a grapefruit tree outside my window, and on a muddy river in Indonesia                                                                              and in New York City                                                                                                                          My childhood was spent in the woods of New Hampshire where there was never enough sun

I always drew and made things, but it never occurred to me to go to art school

I liked to write, too—I’ve always been curious to know people’s stories—so I became a newspaper reporter, and later, a writing teacher
so I could help others tell their stories

I was drawing all along, though, in my reporter’s notebooks
and on the backs of student papers
and finally the need to do this all the time grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go                            and I’m still dancing in its crazy embrace.



B. Lucy Stevens in the studio.

 2019 Brave and Bold, Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, RI                                                    2019 Mango Madness, The Studios Of Key West        2019 Wild Things, Dryden Gallery, Providence RI .  2019 Coastal Skye, Skye Gallery, Providence, RI .    2018 All-Tied-Up, Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert, MI 2018 W-Intermission, Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, RI                                                        2018 A Stable System, Rotational Remix, Coastal Contemporary, Newport, RI .                                    2018 Fearrington Outsider Art, Fearrington, NC      2017 St. James Fine Art Show, Louisville, KY              2017 Resistance Works, Lyra Gallery, Providence,
2016    Thereby Hangs A Tale, Museum of Oxford, Oxford, England
2016    HAF International Doodle Show
2016   “Bus Stop,” solo show, The Studios of Key West , Key West, FL
2015    Carre D ‘Artistes, New York, Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, London
2014   “Opposites,” Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL
2014    “Neo-Outsiders,” Monmouth Museum, Monmouth, NJ
2014    “Tell Me Where I Am,” solo show, Dryden Gallery, Providence, RI
2014     Fearington Folk Art Show, Durham, NC
2013     NAMA (New Art, New Artists) Lucky Street Gallery,  Key West, FL
2013     “Five,” group Show, Grimshaw-Gudewiscz Gallery, Fall  River, MA
2013     “I EAT ART,” Outsider Art Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ
2012      “Contained”, Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, Pawtucket,  RI
2012      Juror’s Award, Grimmshaw-Gudewiscz  Gallery, Fall River, MA
2011      Juried Show, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI
2011      “Past, Present and Future,” Pawtucket Arts, Collaborative, Pawtucket, RI
2010     “The Toy Show,” Outsider Art Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ
2010      Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY
2009      “The French Postcard,” Outsider Art Gallery,Frenchtown,  NJ
2008       REBEL HQ Gallery, solo show, Providence, RI
2008      “Nursery Rhymes,” Outsider Art, Frenchtown NJ
2008      “Providence Art Windows,” Providence, RI


2013      The Studios at Key West, Key West, FL
2015      The Studios at Key West, Key West, FL

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